I am an architect who focuses upon residential, historic, commercial and institutional design in New England.  As a sole proprietor, I develop the strategic design decisions, project management and technical implementation strategies. My work creates designs that are consistent with each client’s programmatic and aesthetic needs while meeting pragmatic objectives.

For larger projects, I include other local architectural practices and specialists. My experience in effectively addressing the concerns of the community’s review agencies, including Inspectional Services, Zoning and Historic Commissions has proven beneficial to my clients. I have positive relationships with General Contractors and their technical specialists.

The core of my approach is jointly imagining with my clients, making projects that are a true working collaboration. Our results elicit an emotional response while enhancing day-to-day use.

Our design process is based upon in-depth discussions, sketching and diagramming at multiple scales. Our conversations and drawings explore the functional and sculptural aspects of each project. Working with spaces and materials, each project evolves in response to the client’s programmatic and budgetary objectives.

I use sophisticated computer aided design supplemented with sketches in the development of projects. My extensive experience with traditional and historic construction techniques is often the starting point for our conversations.  I often include or consult with firms in related design disciplines, including structural engineering, interior and kitchen design. 




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