Initial Information

As part of the initial discussion with a new client, I discuss the scope of work and program; budget and timetable; my services and fee structure; and necessary steps that each of us may consider to meet our objectives. These include the contract for services; measurement of existing conditions, and information with regard to the preferences of each client.

Design Process Outline:

Conceptual Design, Budget & Timetable
Developed Design, Budget & Timetable
Construction Documents & Budget
Regulatory Agency Review

Related Professionals

Projects often involve other professionals and specialists who provide services prior to and during construction. These include structural engineering, kitchen and bath design, audio-visual and interior design. I also work with specialists that a client has selected. I coordinate their efforts with the contractor so that there is a consistency in the work.

For larger projects and those that have an aggressive timetable, I collaborate with other architects while maintaining responsibility for the project.






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